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451 4.7.1 - Your account has been temporarily suspended

SocketLabs servers come with a certain allotment of email messages, bandwidth, and API calls made available to the account over the course of a month.

Each server has a unique setting for both messages and bandwidth which determines if allotments can be exceeded. This setting defaults to 200% for all new SocketLabs On-Demand servers. Users can adjust this setting to only allow 100% and avoid any overage charges, or these settings can be set as high as 500% for situations with large variances in mail streams.

Depending on the usage limitation settings of a server, reaching specified limits will result in SMTP access being disabled to prevent the servers from accepting any additional messages. Free Accounts are unable to exceed the account limits and are suspended as soon as they reach their account limit.

You can lift the suspension on your account now by taking action now in one of two ways:

  • Upgrade Your Account
    You can visit the SocketLabs Control Panel at https://cp.socketlabs.com/ and upgrade your server's plan to the next tier of service, which may better suit your needs and may provide you additional benefits.
  • Adjust the Overage Settings
    To adjust the usage level which triggers a suspension of service you must log in to the SocketLabs On-Demand Control Panel and adjust the setting on a per server basis. Select the "View" button next to the server which you would like to manage from the account home page. Then select Configuration -> Overage Settings > Manage Overage Settings from the top menu bar. You will be able to view and adjust overage options for each of your servers.