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Debugging the Hurricane MTA Installation Process

Applies to HMS v2.1 and above

As with any installation or upgrade, specific machine configurations can sometimes cause issues during the install or upgrade processes. In the cases where an error message does not clearly indicate the nature of an error and how to fix it, please follow the guide below in order to report the proper information to SocketLabs so that we may properly assist you.

First you will want to rerun the installer with extra debugging enabled. This can be accomplished by invoking the setup.exe installation process with the /trace flag. Once this has been done and the installer has failed or completed for a second time, it's time to collect the log file. This can be found in the /Socketlabs/.setup.hms//HMS.Installer.log file where is the version of the MTA being installed. This log file contains all of the installation and upgrade attempts made by the installer with regards to that version of the MTA.

Please provide this log file, along with any potentially useful screenshots and system information (Operating System, etc.) in an email to our support team at support@socketlabs.com. In most cases we will quickly be able to determine what the root of the problem was (permissions, configuration, etc.) and get you back to using your Hurricane MTA Server in no time.