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Drip Campaigns - a walkthrough

Step-by-step walk through

Drip campaigns can be a little tricky.   Here is a step-by-step procedure for creating a successful drip campaign.

If you just want to send out a single response, such as a welcome message:

1.  Create the email content / template in the designer
2.  Create an empty recipient list
3.  Go to Drip Campaigns, Create a New Campaign
4.  Attach the Email Content - this is the Template
5.  Name your campaign for your use - i.e. engagement1st week
6.  Add the subject line for this email
7.  Attach the empty recipient list
8.  Select the minute timing for when the email will be sent once the recipient is added to the list
9.  Add your Sender Profile
10.  Click CREATE
11.  Add email addresses to the recipient list when you want them to start the drip

If you are looking to set up a series of emails going out at specific intervals:

1.  Set up all of your creative – Template2, Template3
2.  Create a drip campaign for each mailing you want to do – mailing 2, mailing 3
3.  Attach the same empty recipient list to each drip campaign
4.  Add the timing for each mailing (1 day, 7 days, etc. but in minutes)

As you add contacts to the recipient list, each segment will go off for each time segment.