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Email Marketing Additional Templates

Do you need more templates to help you get started?

Ginny’s Minis – Template Layouts

Do you need some more templates to help you get started? We have several templates available on request that we can load into your Email Marketing Tools designer to help you on your way.

Simply request these on chat, phone, or email.

These four text only templates allow you to set up your information in columns, from one column for simple messages to a 4 column, newspaper-like format.

Layout - Text Only Templates

If you are looking for something where you can insert images and still have multiple columns, there are several templates that include the Image element. When in the designer, you can click on the Image element and either upload a new image to use or use one from your Gallery that you have previously uploaded.

Layout - Image Template

To have any of these templates added to your server in your Email Marketing Center Content Manager, please contact support@socketlabs.com or reach us on chat or by phone.