Getting Started

SocketLabs’s Complex Sender product was built from the ground up with the indirect sender use case in mind.

API Features: 

  • Integration is quick, lightweight, and can be done in one engineering sprint. 
  • Once initial integration steps are taken, the rest of the platform is optionally codeless. 
  • SocketLabs was built API first: tasks you can do in the application can also be done via API.

API Conventions:

  • The SocketLabs API follows REStful conventions
  • Trailing slashes are ignored: /transmissions is equivalent to /transmissions/.
  • URL paths, URL query parameter names, and JSON field names are case insensitive. 
  • URL paths use lower case, with dashes separating words.
  • Query parameters and JSON fields use camel casing for JSON field names.
  • The HTTP status indicates whether an operation failed or succeeded, with extra information included in the HTTP response body. 
  • All APIs return standard HTTP error code formats. 
  • Unexpected query parameters and request body fields are ignored.

First, let's get started with Authentication with the SocketLabs API 


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