Feedback Loop Report: Some reports not showing in correct domain

If your Feedback Loop report is incorrectly grouping feedback loop reports by ISP, check to make sure that the regular expressions in the [FblReporting] section in your general.config file are valid.

Open \config\general.config in a text editor such as Notepad and verify that the [FblReporting] section looks exactly like this:

; ISP=friendlyname;fromdomainregex
ISP1 = Aol]aol
ISP2 = Yahoo]yahoo
ISP3 = Cox]cox
ISP4 = Hotmail]hotmail
ISP5 = Comcast]comcast
ISP6 = Roadrunner]roadrunner
ISP7 =]usa
ISP8 = Other].

If it is different, copy and paste the above [FblReporting] section over what you currently have and that should resolve the issue.