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Getting Started with the Email Marketing Tools

The marketing tools are a simple and quick way to design and send messages.

To access, log into the server and select Email Marketing Tools from the menu. 

Create a new email message

First, select Design Center to create or customize a template.  Options to create include: premade design, empty template, text only, or add your own HTML.

Once a template is created, by clicking the  “Send Test” button at the top of the designer, a test version of the message will be sent to an address of your choice with the subject "Designer Test Message." We recommend viewing your content on both desktop and mobile.

You MUST have an Engagement Tracking Domain set up and set to default in your Advanced Authentication page in order to send.

Upload a list

Next, a list of recipients will need to be added. To add your first list, select Upload List -> + Create a New List. From here, enter a name for your list, upload and hit Continue. Assign the column that contains the email addresses as well as any additional custom field columns that are included.

Uploads must be in a CSV format. 

Send a message 

Now that you have content and a list of recipients, you're ready to set up your mailing. To do this, select Edit and Send Emails, pick the template you want to send and click Send from the top menu.

You'll then be prompted to add a subject line, sender information and the list(s) to include (or exclude) for your mailing. The mailing can be sent immediately or scheduled for a later date and time. Once everything is all set, hit send.

Track your message

At this point, your message has been sent and you can now track deliverability and engagement on the Mailings Report. For more detailed information on engagement, you can view the Engagement Tracking Report.  

Additional features of the Email Marketing Tools:

  • Recipient list management
  • Drip campaigns
  • Personalization with Custom Fields
  • Web signup forms