How to Contact Google/Gmail About Inbox Placement Issues

After exhausting all troubleshooting issues with SocketLabs Support senders experiencing inbox placement issues with Google/Gmail may need to contact the Google Postmaster team to resolve an issue with their domain.

Google's spam filtering algorithms primarily make decisions using Domain Reputation. Learn more about reputation here: Teach Me Email: What is Sender Reputation

Before Contacting Google/Gmail

Contacting the Google/Gmail Postmaster team should be considered a last resort for cases where there is a clear false-positive issue. To ensure you qualify for a mitigation request it is crucial to take the following steps to confirm that the issue is not related to factors under your control:

  1. Verify Your Compliance Status: In February 2024 Google established a set of requirements that must be met for messages to consistently reach the inbox. Within Google Postmaster Tools a compliance dashboard is accessible for bulk senders. Ensure you have all green check boxes. Resolve any non-compliant factors prior to moving to the next troubleshooting step.
  2. Check for other Best Practices: Ensure your email content, sending frequency, and list hygiene follow best practices. You can read here about Google's required and recommended best practices.
  3. Open a ticket with SocketLabs: Have a SocketLabs team member verify your compliance status, adherence to best practices and verify the appropriate next step will be to contact Google's Postmaster Team.

Most spam filtering issues encountered by SocketLabs customers are a direct result of a domain's sending practices. It is extremely rare to need to submit the contact form and request mitigation for a delivery issue with Google. 

Gather the Appropriate Data

  1. Collect a sample raw message: When submitting the Google Postmaster Contact form you will need to provide Google a full email message header from a Gmail or Google Workspace account. Ensure that you can have a recipient share this data or you reproduce the issue by sending a message to a test account and having the message land in the spam folder. To get the full original source, open the misclassified email in the Gmail web interface. In to top right hand corner of the message select the three dots (More icon). Then click Show original.
  2. Get your SocketLabs IP Address(es): This data is present in the original message sample, but you may need to provide all IPs used for delivery of a particular stream.  You can find the IP addresses assigned to deliver mail for a server in SocketLabs Portal.
  3. Prepare Descriptions: You will also need to have prepared both a brief (250 character max) and more detailed (1000 character max) description of the issue that is being encountered and why you believe it is a false positive result. Use the detailed description to outline any changes being made to your mail stream in response to the issues.  

Do not include irrelevant information such as an explanation of your business model in issue descriptions

Submit the Form

This is the Contact Form for the Google Postmaster Team.


Do not expect instant results in response to submitting the Postmaster Contact form, as it may take up to 14 days before Google reviews the submission. In our experience, some customers have seen improvements in less than a week, but some issues have taken longer. Submitting the form does not guarantee results either. Senders with poor practices that do not make substantial changes to their mail streams may have their mitigation requests rejected. Unfortunately, at this time, Google does not respond to form submissions, so you will not receive explicit feedback regarding the outcome of your submission.