How to: Creating accounts with specific account id's

This is a known issue and will be addressed in a future release.  Right now there is no built in way to do this but there are a couple of workarounds.

Chrome Developer Tools

The easiest way is to open the account configuration page using Chrome to an existing account. 

  • Right click on the ID field that shows the account number and select "Inspect" 
  • This will open the developer tools and you will see the value of the text box, which is the account #.  
  • Double click on it and change the value to the id you want to use.  
  • Click out of the area once its changed. 
  • You will see the change take on the browser.  
  • Next change the "Base Path" value to use the matching account number path. 
  • Then check the "Create path.." checkbox underneath it. 
  • Choose a new user name and click apply. 
  • This will create a new account with the specified id. 
  • You can then configure the account.

Using the Web Services

  • You can the Mta's web services manually from the local machine using the built in test interface by using a web browser. 
  • Make sure the webservices are enabled on the administrative page and then navigate to http://localhost:8086/accountsettings.asmx?op=Create on the local machine. 
  • This will only work using localhost. 
  • Here you will see a very simple interface. 
  • You can set the friendlyName, userName and Password. 
  • Then the trick is you have to set the BasePath value to "AccountId : 1001" (without the quotes) where 1001 is the account number you want to use for the account id instead of the actual path.
  • This trick will cause the Mta to create a server with that specific id.
  • Then you can go to the account list in the web interface and configure that account as you would any other.