How to simulate a bounced message into Hurricane Server for testing

If you want to simulate a bounced message into Hurricane Server for testing, follow the steps below.

  1. Enable the outbound protocol log under the account logging settings.
  2. Enable bounce processing for the same account.
  3. Send a message to any valid email address through the system using that account. Doing this will force Hurricane Server to create a custom bounce return path for that message.
  4. Go into the outbound protocol log for that account and find the bounce address that was generated. You will see the address right after the MAIL FROM command. Below is a sample log entry showing this.

📘What Is A Return Path?

The return path is an email address specified during the SMTP protocol communication process that determines where the receiving mail server sends back its bounce messages. is a return path address. is the original from address.

  1. Open the Test Message page from the Hurricane Server console. Copy the above address and paste it in as the To address and use the below text as the message body.
    550 5.1.1 - User unknown

When you submit the message Hurricane Server will detect it as a hard bounce.