IP Whitelisting

We allow servers with paid subscriptions to whitelist IP addresses used when connecting to our platform.

IP Whitelisting Requirements

In addition to the Subscription level, we have several other requirements for IP whitelisting:

  • Static IP
  • Dedicated to and under control of requesting business or organization
  • Not shared between multiple businesses or organizations
  • Cannot be part of a residential IP space

If we whitelist an IP address:

  • The requesting organization is responsible for any and all messages that originate from the whitelisted IP address
  • We will remove the IP address from the whitelist if we detect abuse coming from it
  • We reserve the right to take further actions to prevent the abuse of our platform, up to and including the cancellation of services

    What Is IP Whitelisting And Why Would I Need It?

    Whitelisting an IP allows a user to connect to our platform without having to use authentication. This is useful in several situations. One such situation is with devices which cannot perform authentication. Normally when connecting to our platform you would perform a DNS resolution to smtp.socketlabs.com. Once the DNS resolution is complete you connect to one of several IP addresses used in our smart load balancing technology. The connection requires you to perform basic authentication to gain access to your server, unless you are connecting from a whitelisted IP address. With the whitelisted IP address our platform recognizes this and allows your messages to be processed without presenting authentication.

    Static IP Address vs. Resdential IP Address

    Being not residential ties in with being static; a static address won't be residential because residential addresses are often recycled.

    • A static address is leased or purchased by a business or organization and used by just them for a long period of time. Should a lease expire on a static IP address the current lessee can update the agreement or the IP address will once again become available.
    • A residential IP is part of a pool that gets cycled as ISP customers use the internet. Once an ISP customer is finished, the IP address will return to a dynamic pool of IP addresses. Should a residential customer use one IP address, it may not be possible that they will use it every again.

    Because of this ever shifting pool of IP addresses we require that any IP addresses be static if you wish to add them to your account whitelist.

    Dedicated IP Address vs. Shared IP Address

    Being a dedicated IP ties with a shared IP, more specifically attuned to email. Being on a shared IP means that multiple people and domains are sending mail using that IP address. Being on a dedicated IP means that only your business or organization is using it to send mail. This is an important distinction because this is a policy that we enforce to protect you as much as us. Because there is no authentication required when connecting to our platform using a whitelisted IP address a malicious user can easily send millions of messages, harming your reputation as a sender and our reputation as a provider. It is for this reason that we require any IP addresses that you want to be whitelisted to be dedicated and under the sole use of your business or organization.

    Similarly, if your requested IP address does get added to your account whitelist, you will be held responsible for any and all messages that originate from that address. Should we detect spam or any other type of mail that violates our Acceptable Use Policy, we will be forced to remove the IP address from your account whitelist. This may also result in a suspension of our services.

    Please contact support@socketlabs.com to request.