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Preparing To Install Hurricane MTA Server

This article is intended to review all software and hardware requirements for Hurricane MTA Server prior to installation.  

Disk Space

You will need roughly 30MB of disk space for the Hurricane MTA Software itself.

For Trial Purposes: 1 - 2 GB of free disk space is recommended unless you are doing extended performance testing in which case you should use the production disk space recommendations.

Production Purposes: 300 - 500 GB of disk space. You will especially need this amount of space if you are sending out over 1 million outbound emails per day. This space is used for both queue data and log files which can get quite large with large mailings or if you are capturing log information at the protocol level.

SMTP Services

Before you install Hurricane MTA Server make sure that you have
stopped running any other SMTP servers that may be installed. The most
common default on a Windows Server is IIS SMTP server. Make sure any
SMTP server that may be running is stopped and that no other server is
bound to port 25.

IP Addresses and Firewalls

Make sure that any/all IP addresses on which you want Hurricane MTA
Server to send outbound email are configured on the TCP/IP settings
for the network adapter of the server. Hurricane MTA Server reads the
list of IP addresses available to it and makes them available for
inbound and/or outbound SMTP traffic. See this article for more
information on setting up the IPs: The IP Host name setting and how it
relates to the IP's reverse DNS entry.

Make sure that there are no firewalls or virus software running that could prevent SMTP traffic to the Internet, inbound or outbound, on Port 25.

Port Access

You will need access to the following TCP/IP ports:

Port 25 - will need outbound access to deliver outbound email and inbound access if you are using Hurricane MTA Server to process bounces and/or feedback loops.

Port 80 - you will need outbound access on port 80 for access to the SocketLabs license server and inbound access on port 80 if you would like to use open and click tracking.

Port 8085 - the Hurricane MTA Server Administration Console runs on port 8085 by default. It is recommend that this port be available for private network access unless it is absolutely necessary to have remote access to the Admin Console.

All other ports should be blocked by default.

License Key

You will not be able to install the Hurricane MTA Software without a
valid license key from SocketLabs. If you need a key please contact
your sales representative.