Using the DeliveryStatusCodes.list File

The DeliveryStatusCodes.list file is an optional configuration file that can be created in the Hurricane Server global config directory. This file can be used to control how Hurricane Server interprets the failure responses that it receives from remote ISPs and can optionally be used to fire an alert for specific responses.  This functionality is available in Hurricane Server version and later. Each line in the file can consist of up to three values, delimited with the "~~" character pattern. The first value is a regular expression that will be compared to each server response received by Hurricane Server when a delivery attempt fails. If a match is made, the remaining values of the line will be used and Hurricane Server will stop processing the file for the specific failure response. For this reason you will achieve better performance by putting the most popular responses toward the top of the file. [Response Regex]~~[Temporary, Permanent]~~[Alert] The second value determines whether Hurricane Server considers the response an indication of a permanent or temporary error. Valid values are "Temporary" or "Permanent". Any other value, including no value at all, will cause Hurricane Server to treat the response as permanent if it begins with a "5". Temporary responses will cause Hurricane Server to defer the message (put it into the deferral queue to be retried again later).

In the event of a temporary failure response for a message which is older than the expiration time specified in the Hurricane Server deferral settings, the response will still be considered temporary. The message will fail, however, and no further delivery attempts will be made. Permanent responses will cause the message to fail and no further delivery attempts will be made. In addition to controlling the deferral processing, the Temporary/Permanent status will be reported in the type parameter of the OnFail() plugin API event. The third value may contain the word "Alert" which will cause Hurricane Server to fire a Hurricane Server Delivery Alert for the response. Hurricane Server Delivery Alert mechanisms can be modified through the Hurricane Server web console alerts configuration. Any other value, including no value at all, will not cause an alert to be fired. The "#" character can be placed at the beginning of any line in this file to comment it out. Here is a sample file: #[Response Regex]~~[Temporary, Permanent]~~[Alert] # complaints~~Temporary~~Alert Policy~~~*~Alert