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Web Signup Forms

An Ideal Way To Grow Your List... Cleanly!

Using web signup forms is an easy and popular way to grow lists for your organization.

SocketLabs helps you create simple, versatile, https-supported signup forms that can be inserted into your own website. Only minimal knowledge of HTML is needed to add these signup forms to your website and with just a little extra, you can manipulate the code to style it as you wish.

When a visitor uses the form to submit their email address, it is imported directly into our recipient lists manager, allowing you to send email to your new subscriber via the SocketLabs marketing tools.
Your form can be hooked into one, two, or even more lists to give you complete control over the whole subscription flow. 

Signup Form Types and Appearance

We know websites come with different styles, layouts, devices, and browsers. The Signup Form adjusts to your website, is mobile friendly, and is editable to inherit the styling you or your designer want.

We offer two different ways to present the signup form for potential subscribers.

Embedded Form

An embedded form is added directly to your website's layout. A simple form title, email address field, and Subscribe button will appear on your site wherever you wish.

Pop-Up Form

A pop-up form can be shown to visitors automatically after they load your site or you can simply have a link to the form available so it pops up when a user clicks it. The automatic option can be set to pop up the form immediately upon a visitor viewing the site or after a time delay. You can specify that delay in seconds when creating the form.

Always Maintain A Clean List With Confirmation Opt-In

When a new subscriber submits their address on the signup form, they receive a confirmation email containing a link they must click to verify that they would like to receive your organization's messages. Their email address will not be added to your list until this link has been clicked. Whereas you already know recipients that you have uploaded or manually added to a list are legitimate, this prevents visitors on your website from fraudulently adding addresses to your list that are not their own.

Confirmation Opt-In may seem like a hindrance to growing your list, but this assures that recipients are motivated to engage with your content and manages the quality of your recipients to prioritize higher engagement over a potentially larger but messy list.

Those recipients who have not completed the confirmation step will not be shown on the list management table and will receive no messages sent via the SocketLabs marketing tools.

Additionally, we are integrating the Confirmation Opt-In feature with our suppression lists. Should a suppressed email address be submitted through your Signup Form, we will send a confirmation email to that address to obtain their permission to receive email from your organization. Should the recipient then click on the confirmation link, they will be removed from the Suppression List at the same time as they are added to your recipient list.

Safety First

With signup forms being prone security risk, SocketLabs has taken steps to protect our users from any potential malicious use of the signup form. Our efforts include Captcha protection; users will be asked to authenticate themselves as humans by recognizing common objects in a set of images. This precaution (among others) serves as an efficient spambot protection strategy.

It's Your Code

SocketLabs' web signup form code generator allows the Signup form to be created with ease. Once you've created it, however, those with some knowledge of HTML can create additional text input fields, add custom styling, and control the pop-up form time limit all without re-generating the form.

Should you choose to alter the form, please read all relevant code comments and notes provided by our development team to assure your code continues to work properly.