Quality Score

What is the SocketLabs Quality Score?

The Quality Score is a measure of how well SocketLabs thinks your outbound email is performing on a score of 0 (worst) to 100 (best).

How is the Quality Score calculated?

It is important to note that the score is based entirely on factors relating to your email lists, message content, and use or non-use of best practices.

At SocketLabs we are doing everything that can be done from a technology perspective to improve your deliverability. Your actual results, however, will vary with the quality of your lists, content, and practices. This includes:

  • How often you send messages to invalid addresses
  • How often your email is marked as spam by the end recipients
  • How often your messages are rejected by receiving mail servers due to their content
  • How often our custom designed content analysis engine detects possible spam messages

The Quality Score takes into account these factors that are out of our control and estimates a score to help indicate when there may be room for improvement.

How often is the Quality Score updated?

The score is recalculated on a daily basis and takes into account a rolling period of activity.