Additional Columns in the Delivered Messages Report

How to enable additional columns in the delivered messages reports.

The Delivered Messages Report provides information about every successfully delivered message that processes through a specific server.

Each column header has a drop-down arrow on the right side that, when clicked, shows a “Columns” menu. This allows the user to edit which columns are displayed in the report. By default, the columns “Response” and “Size” are hidden and must be checked to be displayed.

Response Column

This column displays the response from the receiving mail server when the message is accepted and queued for delivery to the recipient. Different mail servers respond to accepted messages in unique manners and formats. Some mail servers issue a simple OK message, while others give each message a unique identifier upon acceptance. For example, I sent a test message to myself and the receiving mail server returned:
250 2.0.0 Ok: queued as 099AF107754327X5AX342
giving my message a unique ID. This ID is useful when diagnosing potential sending issues. When you send a message through your SocketLabs On-Demand server, you can use the unique identifier your message was given as a query in the logs of the receiving mail server, allowing you to track the message and identify a possible issue.


This column displays the size of each delivered message that processes through your server. The size of the message includes any embedded images or attachments. This information can be useful in tracking and managing the amount of bandwidth processing through your server each month.