Backing up the Hurricane MTA Server

Occasionally it is useful to preserve all of the configurations for an existing HMS installation, such as when migrating an MTA from one server to another. This is a fairly straight-forward process since all

of the configurations for an installation are stored within the "Hurricane MTA Server" program directory. In order to back up your configuration, just do the following:

  1. Shut down all Hurricane MTA services.
  2. Zip up the "Hurricane MTA Server" directory with the following exceptions:
  • omit the top-level 'logfiles' directory and all subdirectories for each account-level directory except the 'config' directory. The 'config' directory for each account should be included (e.g. accounts/1000/config) as it is required due to containing account-specific configuration information.

Once the backup is made, it can be restored to another system:

  1. Install the Hurricane MTA on the new system.
  2. Ensure that the MTA services are offline.
  3. Unzip the backup files on top of the new installation.
  4. Start the MTA services.

Finally, if using a backup in order to migrate an MTA to a new system, don't forget to deauthorize the license on the original system.