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Common Billing Questions

Answers to common questions on how to pay for your services

What are the payment options?

We require a credit card on file for all accounts.  Direct debit is not supported.


My credit card was declined by you, but I know it's a good card.

You will need to contact your card issuer for further troubleshooting.


I am trying to update my credit card information, but it is not updating.

Please ensure that you are entering your card information accurately, including the CVV / CSC code. 


Are you going to cancel my account for non-payment?

We attempt to charge the card for several days in case of transient situations that may cause an error.  You will receive an email of the failure and you should act on it right away.  Services may cause your account to be suspended if left unpaid.  If payment is not made, your account will be cancelled.


How am I billed if my messages or bandwidth goes over my plan allotment?

Additional messages and bandwidth are charged at the end of the billing period along with the next billing period's plan charges.  Messages are charged on a per message overage.  Bandwidth is $10/GB, prorated to your usage.


Why was I billed a partial amount when I added a server?

We bill at the account level and prorate the billing for your added servers so that your billing date remains the same for all servers on your account.


Why did my billing date change?

If you have one server on your account and then upgrade that server, your billing date will change to the date of the upgrade.


Can you email my invoices?

We do not email the actual invoice for security reasons.  You will receive a notification that your card was charged and a link to your Billing screen.


I need to update my credit card information.  Can I do this by contacting you?

No, you must update any credit card information in your Billing page in your account.  We don't see your full card number, only the bank does.


Are there any discounts available?

If you commit to an annual subscription on certain plans, you can get 12 months of service for the cost of 11 months.


How do I request a W9?

Please contact our billing department at billing@socketlabs.com and they will be able to assist you.


Are you VAT registered for UK transactions?

We are not registered for VAT. We are a USA based supplier and not subject to foreign tax.


I cancelled within 30 days and did not receive a refund.

Please contact our Billing department at billing@socketlabs.com for further review of your account and eligibility for a refund.


I have another question not listed here.

Please contact our Billing department at billing@socketlabs.com with an invoice or other billing questions.