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Diagnosing and Reporting a Service Outage

If you are experiencing a service outage, please check status.socketlabs.com for up-to-date news of maintenance or known outages.

Please also see our article that discusses basic SMTP connection diagnostics to ensure you are experiencing a true service outage: Diagnosing SMTP Connection Issues to SocketLabs

If the status blog does not address the issue, and it is a true service outage: i.e. our servers are not responding, please create a support ticket detailing your issue AND notify us immediately via our 24x7 emergency support line at 484-418-1285.

Please note that service interruptions caused by overage suspensions, policy(AUP) violation suspensions, automated spam detection suspensions, or other individual service availability issues are not considered a service outage. Individual account issues are handled during regular business hours, which are Monday-Friday from 9:00AM EST to 5:00PM EST, excluding any posted holidays.