Failed Messages Report Definitions

When you download your Failed Messages Report, you will see several columns. This article will define each column for you.

  • ServerID - your SocketLabs server ID.
  • SendingDomain – A sending domain indicates who the email was sent from. This domain will be displayed in the "From:" header of an email.
  • Recipient Domain – The domain of the email address to which the message was originally sent. Download report - should also show Recipient Domain.
  • DateTime - the date and time that your message was added to the Failed Messages report.
  • MessageId - a unique ID for that message.
  • MailingId - a grouping ID for a set of messages that you assign when sending.
  • ToAddress - your recipient's email address
  • FromAddress - your sending email address
  • FailureType:
    • 0 – Temporary failure. The message failed to be delivered, but was not suppressed for future delivery attempts.
    • 1 – Permanent failure. The message failed to be delivered, but is now suppressed for future delivery attempts.
    • 2 – Suppressed. The message was previously suppressed, and delivery was not attempted at all.
  • FailureCode - Listed in Message Delivery Failure Codes
  • Reason - the reason code returned by the recipient's server.

If you see a failure code of "9999" with a failure type of "2", it means that the message was not attempted for delivery because the recipient address was already on your suppression list.