Filemaker 15

Please follow these instructions to configure Filemaker to use SocketLabs to send your messages.

  1. Display the Send Mail dialog box by doing either of the following.
    • Choose File menu > Send Mail.
    • To create a script to send email, choose Scripts menu > Manage Scripts. In the Manage Scripts dialog box, click New. In the Edit Script dialog box, for View, choose Miscellaneous, double-click Send Mail in the list, then click Specify.
  2. In the Send Mail dialog box:
    1. To enter SMTP options for the first time, for Send via, choose SMTP Server
    2. To edit SMTP options (and SMTP Server is selected), click Specify
  3. In the SMTP Options dialog box, enter user and SMTP server information.
    • Name - Enter the name of the email sender (for example, your name). This name appears in the From field of your outgoing messages.
    • Email Address - Enter the email address from which outgoing mail will be sent (for example,
    • Reply-To Address - Enter the email address to which incoming replies will be sent. This can be different from the outgoing address (for example, If you do not enter a reply-to address, replies will be sent to the outgoing address.
    • Outgoing SMTP Server - Enter This is the name of the SMTP server from which your email will be sent.
    • Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) - Select if your email requires a secure connection, or clear if you do not need a secure connection.

Note: When using FileMaker Server 14 and earlier, be aware that there are possible security issues with using https and ftps. FileMaker 15 and later performs a certificate check to verify that the server that you specify is the server that replies.

    • Authentication - Choose Plain Password (for no password encryption) or Cram-MD5 (for password encryption).
    • User Name - (Available if you choose Plain Password or Cram-MD5 authentication.)
      Enter the SMTP username provided by SocketLabs to authenticate when sending mail to the SocketLabs platform.
    • Password - (Available if you choose Plain Password or Cram-MD5 authentication.)Enter the SMTP password provided by SocketLabs to authenticate when sending mail to the SocketLabs platform.
4. Click OK. You will be returned to the Send Mail dialog box, where you continue setting email options.