Finding Your Reporting Data

Where Can I Get Reports On The Email I'm Sending?

SocketLabs provides an online reporting site for SocketLabs On-Demand customers at This is primarily for relay customers and will show both summaries and detailed information about the email you are sending. You should have received a username and password to access your reports when your account was set up initially. If you did not receive this information please open a support ticket and we will make sure your username and password are supplied to you.

The online reporting system will provide you with the following functionality:

  • Change your username and password
  • View your current monthly usage vs. your plan quota
  • View the number of messages currently in the queue waiting to be sent
  • Number of total messages Injected (sent to our servers), Sent, and Failed over a specified period of time
  • All bounce details, both hard and soft, with the ability to download the bounce data in .CSV file format
  • All feedback loop (complaint) data that describes what address complained and which ISP it came from. This can also be downloaded in .CSV file format.

Finding Your Reporting Data

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