How to Automate Reply Processing

Replies are typically sent to the address in the From: header. If a Reply-To: header is specified, the reply should go to that address instead.

If you are using the automated bounce management in Hurricane Server and would like to have your replies directed to the return path that the bounce processing engine creates, you can do so by including a special constant in the Reply-To: header.

i.e. ReplyTo: #RETURNPATH#

When Hurricane Server sends the message, if it sees the "#RETURNPATH#" constant in the header, it will replace that constant with the return-path Hurricane Server is using for the message.

This is useful for forcing the bounce processing system to also process normal replies to your messages. For example: any reply with Unsubscribe in the subject or message body will be categorized by the bounce processing system as an "Unsubscribe" type, which a plugin can handle to remove the address from your list.

Please note: In order to activate the #RETURNPATH# header replacement feature you must add ReplaceHeaderVariables=True to the [Other] section of the account's general.config file. See below.