List-Unsubscribe Headers

Benefits of List-Unsubscribe Headers, and how to use them with SocketLabs

Benefits Of The Automated List-Unsubscribe Header Feature:

Mailbox providers have expanded the definition of spam to include any messages that their users don't want to receive. Some providers will even consider your messages to be spam if they are frequently deleted without being opened. Making sure that unengaged recipients have a convenient way to unsubscribe from your mailings can go a long way toward protecting your ability to reach the inbox.
Your existing unsubscribe link in your message body can only help you if recipients open your messages and are willing to look for it. But including our automated List-Unsubscribe Header generates an unsubscribe link outside of your messages, too. One that gives unengaged recipients a convenient alternative to the spam button.
Including this special unsubscribe link in message headers has several advantages for you as a sender:

  • Many ISPs and Mailbox Providers view a sender more positively if a List-Unsubscribe Header is included within their messages.
  • The Unsubscribe action does NOT negatively affect your reputation, unlike having your messages marked as spam.
  • Mailbox Providers have several built-in methods of displaying the unsubscribe links contained in those headers that are more convenient than the tiny unsubscribe links within most message
  • SocketLabs will automatically add any recipient that clicks on your List-Unsubscribe Header to your suppression list so that their lack of engagement with your emails won't continue to damage your

Enabling The List-Unsubscribe Header Feature:

Setting up this feature is easy and can be done from your Control Panel with a few clicks.

  1. From your server's Control Panel go to the Configuration tab at the top of your screen in the black menu bar.
  2. Find the Engagement Tracking section and click on "Configure Engagement Tracking”.
  3. You will be taken to a page which offers you options for Automated Open and Click Tracking. If you have not yet set up a Custom Host Name, you will need to do so. At the bottom of this page is an
    independent function called "Unsubscribe Tracking". Setting this field to "Enabled" will do the following:
  4. Automatically insert a List-Unsubscribe Header into every message you send from that server.
  5. Ensure that every time a recipient clicks on that List-Unsubscribe Link their address will be added to that server's suppression list.

Enabling this List-Unsubscribe Header link will not cause an unsubscribe link to appear in the body of your messages.

The List-Unsubscribe Header is designed only to allow SocketLabs to add the un-subscriber's address to your server's suppression list and to give unengaged recipients a way to unsubscribe to your messages without having to open them.

If you already have an unsubscribe link included in the body of your messages, enabling the List-Unsubscribe Header will NOT impact your unsubscribe body link in any way. List-Unsubscribe is its own independent feature. Therefore, your own unsubscribe links that exist elsewhere in the body of your messages will continue to function as they have in the past.