My application already handles bounces; how do you support this?

If you are using a 3rd party application or your custom application already has built-in bounce processing, you have two options to support bounces using SocketLabs. Most 3rd party bounces are handled by processing messages from a pop email account. We can support that via the following:

  1. We can turn off our platform's bounce processing and bounces will be processed just as they were before you began using our service. There are, however, a few drawbacks with this setup that you should consider.
    1. You will not receive the synchronous failures/bounces that occur during the SMTP conversation, only the bounce backs that are returned as messages to your specified returnpath address - i.e.
    2. You will have to deploy your own DKIM DNS TXT records.
    3. You will have to apply separately for a Feedback Loops (Complaint) from Yahoo based on your DKIM records and have it directed back to SocketLabs for us to process with your account.
  2. SocketLabs is configured by default to handle all bounces and feedback loops. We can forward all bounces and failures as Non-Delivery Reports to the pop email account that your software uses to process bounces so your lists are automatically updated accordingly. This is the ideal setup as it enables us to track accurate statistics for your account and provide all of the DKIM and Feedback Loop support for you.

If you need us to support the forwarding of Non-Delivery reports, please contact Support and provide the email account to which you would like them to be forwarded.