Outlook for Mac 2011

Please follow these instructions to configure your Outlook application to use SocketLabs to send your messages

  1. Select 'Accounts' from the Tools Menu of Microsoft Outlook 2011.
  2. Select your mail account you want to setup SocketLabs as SMTP Outgoing server.
  3. Change the Outgoing server setting to smtp.socketlabs.com.
  4. Change your Outgoing Server Port Number to 465.
  5. Make the 'Override default port' is checked.
  6. Check 'Use SSL to connect'. If you are unable to use SSL, uncheck the setting and try using Port Number 2525, 25, or 587.

Do NOT change your incoming mail server setting.

7. Click on 'More Options...'

8. Select 'User Name and Password' as Authentication.

9. Enter your SocketLabs SMTP Username into User name and SocketLabs SMTP Password into Password fields respectively. Click OK to save the settings.

Do NOT change Unqualified domain

10. Load your Microsoft Outlook 2011 application.
11. Now you have setup SocketLabs as your Outgoing server.