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Recipient List Format

Only .csv files are accepted at this time and they must conform to the
following specifications:

  • file format must be .csv
  • file size must be less than 250 megabytes (262,144,000 bytes)
  • must be comma delimited (commas should be escaped via quotes; most software will do this automatically on export)
  • the .csv file must have a header row that identifies each column with a name
  • column names must be no longer than 50 characters
  • custom field values must not contain any 8-bit ASCII characters or the following reserved characters <,>,", &
  • custom field values must be no longer that 255 characters

Here is an example of CSV data that conforms to the proper format:

EmailAddress, FirstName, LastName, FavoriteColor, Birthday
jane@customerexample.com, Jame, Fielder, Blue, 5/10/92
bob@customerexample.com, Bob, Simmonds, Green, 2/19/89

There are a number of columns that are reserved by our system and cannot be used.

  • EmailAddress
  • ContactId
  • Id
  • Unsubscribe
  • SenderAddress