Acceptable Spam Complaint And Failure Rates

Specific details regarding acceptable spam complaint and failure rates, as described in our Acceptable Use Policy.

Your email must not generate excessive complaints as determined by the sole discretion of SocketLabs.

Your email list must be valid and not generate excessive failures as determined by the sole discretion of SocketLabs.

There is not an exact percentage point at which a spam complaint rate or failure rate becomes in violation of our Acceptable Use Policy. We analyze every aspect of a stream of messages including type, content, volume, complaint rate, engagement rate (opens, clicks, and unsubscribes), and other factors to determine if our Acceptable Use Policy has been violated.

Complaint Rate Best Practice

While mailbox providers will provide a buffer of 0.03%, or 3 complaints per 10,000 messages delivered to account for false positives, SocketLabs recommends keeping your calculated spam complaint rates below 0.1%, or 1 complaint per 1000 messages delivered. The likelihood that our compliance team will reach out or take action with your account significantly increases as your rates increases beyond 0.1%.

Failure Rate Best Practice

SocketLabs recommends keeping your failure rate below 5%. As failure rates exceed 3% to 5%, the likelihood our automated abuse detection systems or compliance department will take action regarding the status of an account increases significantly.