Suppression List

The Suppression List is a tool for reputation management and is a list of addresses that will not be sent to.

Major mailbox providers calculate and maintain reputations for IP addresses and domains. This reputation is calculated based on numerous factors, including invalid address delivery attempts and complaints from recipients. To protect your account from potential reputation damage, we maintain a Suppression List for your server.

Where is the Suppression List located?

The Suppression List is located on the left-hand side menu.

How is an address added to the Suppression List?

Addresses added to the Suppression List will include the specific date and reason for addition. Reasons for addition are:

  • Failure: A synchronous failure occurs when the remote mail server rejects the message during the conversation.
  • Bounce: A bounce, or asynchronous failure, occurs when the remote mail server accepts the message and later returns it by sending an NDR (Non Delivery Report) to the return path of the message. 
  • Unsubscribe: The recipient of the message has opted to unsubscribe from receiving mailings from your organization. For these messages to be suppressed on your SocketLabs server, the message must be sent using the marketing tools or have automatic tracking for unsubscribes toggled on for engagement tracking.
  • Complaint: The person receiving the message hits the spam/junk button in a browser/client that supports feedback loops. These will appear in your list as a "Complaint" and will also show in your complaints report if within the last 90 days.
  • Customer Request: An address was added manually, either by a SocketLabs admin due to receiving a complaint to our abuse address, or by an administrator on your account.

Searching the Suppression List

Selecting the Filter option allows for filtering on:

  • Domain: Select from an exact domain match or search for a domain with the  'Starts With' option.
  • Status: Select the high-level reason the address was added to suppression.
  • Details: Search the specific error code or details for the addition.
  • Last Updated: Select a specific date or range to view addresses added during the selected timeframe.

Removing an Address from the Suppression List

To remove an address, select the garbage can icon to the right of the entry. 

A pop-up will appear that ensures you would like to remove the address from the Suppression list. To continue, select 'Delete'

If you have the Suppression API enabled, you can select the checkbox(es) to the left of the address and select 'Delete Entries' from below the list.

Adding an Address to the Suppression List

To add an entry to the Suppression list, click 'Add Entry'

Then, simply add the address and, if you'd like, a note as to why the address is being added.
To add more than a single address, select the 'Add another entry' checkbox in the lower right hand corner. When selected, once you click add, the box will remain for additional entries.

Turning Off the Suppression List

This feature can be turned off for customers that implement their own address suppression systems. To qualify, an account must be in good standing and detail their self employed logic for address suppression. Contact our support team for more information.

Temporary Failures

Not all mail servers respond with the same error codes, and some may indicate a temporary error such as "Mailbox Full" with a cryptic or poorly formed error response message. If this occurs and the user is incorrectly on the suppression list, please contact our support team.