User Access Levels

There are five different user access levels that can be assigned to SocketLabs On-Demand users. These various permissions levels enable organizations to tailor their account and server access for each specific individual.

There is currently no limit to the total number of users for any given SocketLabs account.

Account Owners

  • Have access to all account and server settings
  • The Owner cannot be removed or deleted

Changing the Owner of your SocketLabs Account

If you ever need to update or change the owner user of you SocketLabs account, please see the following article: Changing the Account Owner


  • Have access to all account and server settings
  • Accounts can have multiple administrators and they can be added and removed as needed


  • Only has access to the Reports of the specific server to which they are assigned

Marketing User

  • Is a User-level account with the Email Marketing Tools checkbox applied
  • Has access to the Email Designer, List Management, Drip Campaigns and other Email Marketing features in addition to the Reports

Billing Only User

  • Can view invoices and update the credit card on file for the account

Suppression List User

  • Can view and edit the Suppression List page on all servers for the account

Permissions Per Access Level Table


  Owner Admin Marketing User User Billing User Suppression List
Access Level Applies To: All Servers on the Account All Servers on the Account Specified Servers on the Account Specified Servers on the Account All Servers on the Account All      Servers      on the Account
Log-in to Control Panel
Receive Server Notifications
Run Reports    
Create / Edit Marketing Email Content      
Upload / Manage Recipient Mailing Lists      
Schedule / Send Email Deployments      
Create / Manage Drip Campaigns      
Create / Edit Sign-up Forms      
View / Change SMTP Credentials        
Update Server Configuration        
Configure APIs        
View Message Queue    
Pause or Purge Queue        
View Suppression List      
Add / Remove from Suppression List      
Configure Engagement Tracking        
Enable White Labeling Features        
Add / Manage Permissions for Admins / Users        
Upgrade or Downgrade Subscription        
Manage Overage Settings        
View Invoices & Update Billing Information      
Receive Billing / Account Notifications      
Can Be Suspended or Deleted  

Modifying a User's Access Level

To change a users access level, you will need to log into the SocketLabs Control Panel as an admin of the account, select Users from the Account Dropdown menu in the top right hand corner of the screen, and select the pencil icon next to the user that you want to modify access for.

Notification Recipients

All active account users automatically receive email notifications regarding this account based on their access level and preferences. If you wish to have other (non-account-user) email addresses also receive email notifications, you can add them on the Notification page in your account. Please note that adding the email address of an active account user will result in duplicate copies of each notification being sent to that user.