User Permissions

Flexible options to create custom roles that fit what each team member needs to access and nothing more.

Creating a User

Under User Permissions on the left-hand menu, you have the option to create a user and determine what permissions to grant. Unless defined, by default a new user has access to the full account (Account Admin).

As a best practice, when possible we recommend having at least two users that can edit user permissions and be considered a Point of Contact.

The Point of Contact should be a team member or members that can address time-sensitive account-related issues. 

Selecting Permissions


By toggling off Account Access, you are presented with options for what the user can access at the account level. This includes:

Billing - Add or edit payment methods. View and download invoices.

Suppression - Add, edit and remove email addresses from the suppression list for all servers.

User Management - Add, edit, delete, and suspend users on the Account. 


Default grants a user full server read/write access for all servers (Server Admin). This allows for access to all pages in the account except for billing and user management.

To refine permissions on a server level, toggle off Server Access (Full Read/Write Access) and begin selecting servers and editing.

Full Read/Write - Full access to the server.

API and SMTP - Manage and create API keys and SMTP credentials.

Event Webhook - Create and manage the event webhooks.

Email Marketing Tools - Create and manage templates, lists and campaigns.

Reporting - View, filter and download reporting pages. View the queue details.

Suppression List - Add, edit and remove email addresses from the suppression list.


Determine what account level alerts you want to receive.

All alerts are account level based. 

At least one user on the account should be listed to receive Critical Billing / Suspension alerts.