Verifying or Repairing the Hurricane Server Database

The Hurricane Server dbrepair tool can be run to verify and repair Hurricane Server's database file: master.fdb. This database contains the DNS cache, statistical information used for reports and your list of accounts. You should backup your master.fdb file prior to running dbrepair. master.fdb is in the Hurricane Serverdata directory.
DBRepair Tool Versions

There are 4 versions of the dbrepair tool. Please select the repair tool appropriate for your current version of the MTA.

If you are running MTA version 4.0 or higher, use

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If you are running MTA version 2.0 and 3.0, use

If you are running a version of the MTA between and 2 then you must use

For versions earlier than version, you will use the original

DBRepair Tool Instructions

The dbrepair tool must be run from the command line in the Hurricane Server bin directory. Download the appropriate .zip file from this article and unzip dbrepair.exe and its supporting files into the bin directory.

dbrepair [-r] [-R] [-v]

r - Quick repair (marks bad items as inaccessible only, no output if no errors found)
R - Full repair, performs backup and in-place restore
v - Validate only (no output if no errors found)

All Hurricane Server services must be stopped prior to running dbrepair. You must also run this tool as an administrator with elevated privileges.