Inbound SMTP Restrictions

Inbound SMTP Restrictions

In order to provide the highest level of service our inbound injection network has the restrictions listed below when injecting inbound messages for relay.

-Maximum of 20 simultaneous connections per IP may be established to

-Maximum message size, including any embedded images and attachments, is 40MB

-Maximum 500 total recipients per message

For optimal performance, please limit the number of messages per connection to 50.

More Information

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Related Errors

If your message is larger than 40MB you will receive the following error:
552 5.3.4 - Message too big for system

If you attempt to send to more than 500 addresses in one message you will receive the following error:
452 5.5.3 - Too many recipients

If you attempt more than 10 connections you will receive the following error:
421 4.4.5 - Too many connections from your host