Sending Domains

To enhance the security of your SocketLabs account, only verified domains can be used for email sending.

SocketLabs will only allow mail to be sent from domains that a user has verified they own or have permission to send on behalf of. If a domain is not on the Sending Domains list and is not verified, it cannot be used for email sending.

The following SMTP error is issued when an address is not verified:

554 5.1.0 The Sender's Address Was Not Allowed

Adding and Verifying a Sending Domain

To verify ownership of a sending domain, you can:

1) Validate an email address at the domain through an authentication code process. 

2) Access the DNS records for the sending domain to add at least one of the following pieces of authentication:

As a best practice, accounts should input and authenticate all sending domains that will be used in SocketLabs.

Once there are sending domains listed on the Sending Domains page, only those domains listed will have the ability to send through the server.

Please refer to your plan and current configuration to determine how Sending Domains are being applied to your account. 

SocketLabs Acceptable Usage Policy specifically requires that your mail must be sent from an address at a domain that is currently registered to you, under your control, or you have the permission to transmit on behalf of.  For example, you may not use a from address such as Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, Gmail, etc.